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happy new year

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HAPPY NEW YEAR A very belated congrats, but better late then never, right? Hope you guys had an amazing celebration! I had a lovely dinner with my closest friends and enjoyed the fireworks from the rooftop of my friend’s apartment with a bottle of champagne. That’s the way we entered the new year ;) I always thought that having these new years resolutions are exaggerated. Everyone says that they have to change this and be better in some way. It’s always more words than actions. But when I think about it, it’s a good method to get motivated and maybe start something new, something you’d never thought of doing. So my resolutions? I want to be a better person, I want to be able to understand the value of every thing that I own in this present. When I was in Africa (I’m going to post about it soon!), I learned that I am actually lucky to have the life that I have, I should give my appreciation more often than I usually do! I have a wonderful life, I should be happy! So let this year be awesome, try something new, go beyond your comfort zone and let’s explore the great value of life! xx

beautiful iris

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Wearing a hat from Monki

ONE DAY LEFT Until my trip to South Africa! I’m feeling rather nervous than excited. But I guess this will be awesome! Right now I’m going through my stuff and double checking if I have all the things that I need. Just wanted to show you my makeup from yesterday. I really enjoyed doing this look. I’ve used Beautiful Iris on the lid (never really considered this eyeshadow before), combined with Contrast and Beauty Marked. All MAC <3 Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday! Got to pack for my adventure! xx

not a big fan of the sun

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PROTECTION AGAINST THE SUN All of my closet friends know that I hate the sun (not literally but I’ll do anything to avoid high exposure to sun). Personally I feel better and prettier when I’m like, yellowy white (haha for a description). I mean, sun damage is the worst (I don’t like being tanned, and just imagine all those wrinkles and ugly texture you get from the sun!!) So today I got this UV protection from Kiehls (Oh YES they have finally opened a partnered store here in Oslo!) Can’t wait to try this on, and this baby is of course coming with me to South Africa <3 Have YOU tried this out? xx


live with no regrets

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Sometimes you have to take that baby step to overwin your fear. Live your life to the fullest, have no regrets.

There are times that I tend to over -think things.. I mean,  who doesn’t? Siting there on my comfy bed with a piece of paper and a pen, drafting the pros and cons of different matters.  Why should we use so much energy to think about the things that we’ll never find answers to before we live in that very moment? To actually experience the unknown, yes I know, it’s frightening. But you’ll never understand the beauty of life before you step into the unfamiliar, right?

Yes, this has something to do with the fact that I am traveling to South Africa in exactly 3 days! The thought of it makes me shiver. I haven’t pack, I’m having these doubts, Oh my, these thoughts are killing me! It might seem a little odd to you guys, but it’s my first time traveling alone, to a place that I’ve never been before. I have totally no clue how South Africa is.  So yes, I’m skeptical.  Just wanted to let these feelings out, get it out of my head before I say good night xxx

nike air max

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NEW IN for about a minute ago and I’m already in love with them! My mom was doing some holiday relaxation back in Hong Kong and I asked her to go get these for me. I actually wanted the pink/fuchsia pair, but the sellers informed us that those colors are already “old school”. I mean, fashion in Hong Kong is like 6 months in advanced compared to Norway.. But these will do just fine <3

south africa

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WHERE ALL LIFE STARTED. In exactly 18 days I will be on my way to South Africa to experience an amazing adventure on my own! I will be staying in South Africa for a month. This is so unreal to me, this is something I’ve would never think of doing! So I guess when I said to myself in the beginning of this year, that 2013 is going to my ultimate year, I think this is it.. 


Picture borrowed from goxplore.no

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