March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

My prayers go to all in Japan. Such a disaster. Earlier today an earthquake at 8.9 trigger a huge tsunami that hit the northern coast of Japan. According to the news this is one of the biggest tsunami ever recorded in Japan. The waves are up to ten meters tall, and have caused some extensive damages. Every habitant has been informed to evacuate to higher grounds. It says that this tsunami will also hit the Pacific coast in Russia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Canada and South-America. 

I was in Tokyo this January with my boyfriend. We were only there for four days, it was quite a short time, but I managed to fall in love with the city. Tokyo is such a beautiful city. The food there was lovely, and the Japanese people are so sweet and polite, the nicest people I’ve ever met. I don’t think that they deserve a disaster like this, no one does. I hereby send all my regards to all the people who are trying to survive and to all those who have lost their beloved ones.

Do you think that this is a coincidence to what our scientist have called it, the end of the world? I’m an easy believer. I do believe in 2012, and that aliens exists, and that God might have decided upon our future. Is this only a beginning? I do not hope so. Let’s just pray together. 

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