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Ever since 2008 I have been obsessed with false eyelashes. I can’t believe that I lived without false eyelashes in almost 21 years! You can say that I have tried almost EVERY kind of false lashes that is to buy in the market. After a while the conclusion is that I only love three types of false eyelashes from these make-up brands: Shu Uemura, MAC and Dolly Wink. 

The reasons why I love false eyelashes so much is because:
  • It makes my eyes look bigger and I have really short eyelashes>.<
  • Complete my whole look, whether it’s smokey eye-look or just regular every day look. 
  • I can drop mascara!!
  • Good quality handmade false eyelashes can be used up to a month if you are able to take good care of it
  • It just makes my day better
Both Shu Uemura and Dolly Wink are Japanese brands that are very popular in both the States and in United Kingdom. These are the places where I usually get them. You can buy them on EBAY as well, but I think it’s a little bit expensive compared to the prices in the shop. You can also call to a Shu Uemura counter in London and they can post a package of false eyelashes to you. Very convenient and nice! 

I usually get my MAC lashes at work. My favorites are number: 3, 34, 36 and 48:) They are very comfortable to wear and you won’t even feel them on the lid! I use DUO adhesive which is in fact the best adhesive you can get in the market! It’s made of latex, and it makes it easier for you to peel off the adhesive on the false lashes after you have used it. 

I really do recommend using false eyelashes, because I do think this is worth it. It’s becoming such a big trend in Norway! If you have any question regarding false eyelashes, just let me know and I’ll help you out! Also, feel free to come by to our counter at MAC Oslo City:) Xxx


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