we will rock you

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

After so much advertising for this musical in the whole city, me and my boyfriend decided to buy the tickets for this amazing show! We both love musical and think it’s exciting seeing how great these actors are. I have heard so much about this musical, and friends who have seen it have only positive things to say about this show. I always wanted to see this musical, but never had the chance because of tight schedule when for instant shopping in London with friends. 

I fell in love with musicals when I studied in London at the age of 17. The first musical I saw was The Lion King with my class. It was the most amazing musical I have seen in my whole life. It just took my breathe away. After that I became a fan. I have so far seen: The Lion King, Saturday Night Fever, Chicago, Mamma Mia and We will rock you. 

Anyways, here are some photos from Thursday’s evening. My boyfriend and I decided to get some sushi before the show. I must say that I have expected somewhat different story-line in this musical, but it was still good. The main language in this show was Norwegian, some of the music remained in English. If you are interested in musicals like me, I highly recommend this musical! Absolute a great show! 

Namnam sushi! 

The tickets! We sat on the balcony section, and had a great view!


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