good morning!

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I must admit that it is becoming more and more difficult to wake up in the morning>.< But this is critical, I have to do it because of the exam period! That’s what I hate about it, but then afterwards I think it’s worth it because all of the hard work will show in the exam results. So I have to give everything at the moment. Now I have finish writing what I want to say in my English presentation on MAC, then get ready for work. Tonight I have been invited to see a theater at Operahus in Oslo. So today’s agenda: read, work, then theater! Can’t wait! 

 I just realized today that lately I have used a lot of pink eyeshadows! I think that pink gives you a sheer, every day look while at the same time gives you a romantic feeling! I guess I’m feeling a little bit of romance lately. I’ll post some more photos tonight when I get home from the theater. I have to show you the jumpsuit that I have on today which I adore so much! Have a nice day! Xxx


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