saturdays goodies

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yet another Saturday. It’s really late now, but I don’t feel right if I don’t update my blog before I go to bed! Today consisted of working and spending the evening with my boyfriend. We made dinner together, and watched Hercules. Here are the delicious nachos that we made together! Namnam… every one deserves some goodies on a Saturday! It’s the day you can eat everything!
This is the look we had at work today. I can show you guys some more photos tomorrow! Right now I have to get away from the computer and start reading for my exam which is on Monday! As you all know, I have my English finals on Monday, where I am going to speak about my work, MAC Cosmetics and pretend to be working for human resource at MAC and try to recruit more make-up artist for our counters in Oslo. That’s going to be a challenge since both of my English sensors are male… haha… Well, good night, sweeties Xxx


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