white is the new black

April 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s not everyday you see a bunch of young people wearing white clothing in a city like Oslo. I think it’s fashionably that people wear white because not all people look nice in white. It’s hard to find white clothing, and it’s hard to combine it with other white clothing. Luckily I had a white blouse from before so this time I didn’t take ages to find something to wear. 

So, White Sensation night was fun! Good show, talented DJ’s, 20.000 people in white, and good friends kinda made the night amazing. I did realize the slightly age differences. You see all types of people ranging from 18 years old to eh, 50 years old(?). You could find anything from old lady wearing nothing but underwear, from Jesus(!) and eh, a white person with white afro. It’s kinda crazy what kind of people you can find during a night out. And when I see a crowd of boys wearing white kinda reminds me the time when Backstreet Boys introduced the white trend, it’s so the 90’s. 

Anyways, I didn’t take my camera with me, so sorry guys, can’t show you photos from the party. But we did take some photos while we were at Shirley’s.

Awww so pretty in white and so wasted! HAHA. If you haven’t experience this kind of party I really recommend it. It’s such a good party with the right atmosphere. 


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