April 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have been effective, I have read some pages in the sun, now it’s time to go out and play! The plans for tonight is to go to a friend’s apartment at Majorstua, we are going to bake come cupcakes then cinema later tonight. We are going to watch a film with Robert Patterson which I never can remember the name of-.-

I am actually still tired from last night. Not that I was out till late, I was home at 1 am, slept over 10 hours, but still feel a little bit reduced… My friend and I tried a new drink yesterday, called Mangotini at Kontrast. We loved everything with mango in it, so we just had to try it out! And it suddenly become one of our favorite drinks! We are definitely going to visit that place more often. 

Anyways, have to go! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

Tee Monki Shorts HM


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