april’s 5 favorites

May 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought that it would be fun, exciting and educational pronouncing 5 favorites, either it’s an item or product, to show my readers what I like about them at the end of each month! I wish to show my experiences with my readers and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! So here I go!

1st product: Strobe cream from MAC

This is such an amazing cream that instantly gives me a more radiant and healthy looking skin! It really helps every time! I usually apply this cream every day after my facial moisturizer and this would give me a glowly skin the rest of the day.  I use this on my face and sometimes on my body as well. If you haven’t tired it yet I really recommend this cream! 

2nd product: Dry hair shampoo

After I start using this dry hair shampoo I just can’t live without it. My hair always get oily just after 2 days I washed my hair, so this wonderful product help my hair to wake up again! It refreshes and it kinda extracts the oils from my hair. It is a very helpful product when I want my hair to look fresh. A must have.

3rd item: Burberry make-up bag

I got this bag from work nearly a month ago, and I just keep using this because of the big space. I like bags that space a lot of room so that I can carry my whole life in it. Very practical! Haha look at my last photo, only MAC products.

4th item: Topshop real leather clutch

I have only had the chance to use this clutch once but I fell in love with it immediately. You can have things in both sides and it looks stylish. Love it!

5th product: E45 facial cream

My face gets easily dry, and when I used this cream it solves all my dryness issues. I usually buy this cream when I’m visiting my family in London/Manchester. You can get this in every BOOTS store. This cream is really thick in texture containing a lot of vitamin E which gives me all the moisture it needs! I have skin eczema also so this really helps, it doesn’t contain any perfume extract. 


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