asians doesn’t look the same

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yes the title says it all. Asians doesn’t look alike, at all! You can definitely see the difference between us. And now you are probably wondering why I am taking this up right now? Jupp, the funniest thing happened today when I was taking the train to my boyfriend’s. My boyfriend lives in Kløfta, takes about 30 minutes to get to him by train. So there I sat beside another asian woman with this really fake Louis Vittion bag. 

Then there came the lady checking if all passenger have a valid ticket. Then when she came to me, she asks me “Where are you TWO heading at”. I was like, in my mind thinking, whhaatt? I am not with that lady!

Is it just because we were asians and at the same time sitting together she thought that we were related or something? 

I know that some people have difficulties seperating us, but I swear, we don’t look alike! There is actually BIG differences between all the asians!

Well, that’s my exciting life after leaving the house. My friend and I headed to the BIKBOK event, and didn’t manage to get a goodiebag *snufs*. The new shop was big and nice with a lot of new clothings for the summer! I wished I had more money, I came home with a empty hand. . . I hope you guys who were there got the goodiebag and some nice clothings!

Here is my outfit of the day:

Jeans Body Map Tee Monki Jacket All Saints Bag Zara Shoes Converse

Love my bag with my blue jeans! They complement each other.

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