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May 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

After hours and hours of reading I was literally brain-dead. My plan was to go to bed at 10 pm just to get enough sleep for tomorrow, but then I become occupied by making a new layout for my blog! I have the tendency to get tired of things really quickly and this isn’t any exception. So what do you guys think? I got rid of the colors, and high-lighted my whole blog. It feels more.. comfy..

Anyways, since it was Norway’s national day yesterday my boyfriend thought it would be nice to go out to eat, and chose a really horrible restaurant. It wasn’t a good experience at all! Here’s my story: (Ps: I dislike restaurants that serve bad food cos I love food! So that you know^^)

Meat Market is a resturant located at Tjuvholmen, close to Aker Brygge. The area is known for it’s quality and design, and usually appeals to the people who prefer quality and service over price. 

My boyfriend found out about this restaurant about a year ago and I remember the first time we came. The menu looked good, the quality of the food was great and the overall experience was only slightly flawed by what lacked in service. (My boyfriend got the wrong sauce!)  We enjoyed ourselfes and decided that we would come back at a later time.
This restaurant was ranked as one of the most desirable restaurants at one of Oslo’s many tourist sites. It was known for it’s high quality in service, food and design. Their website also expresses this: However, although our first impression was good, this place has now fallen far below recommendation. We’ve been to this place three times in total last year, and it has been getting worse every time we visit.
First. Meat Market’s customer service is lousy and the quality of the food is not worth the price of kr 295,- per dish. The enormous portions is only noticed in their absence and yesterday the fresh vegetables was a few overcooked veggies, hiding beneath the steak.  One of the things that we appreciated the first time we went there was the fries. Nice, thick potato sliced filled with taste. Yesterday the fries were thin and almost worth-less.. Just look!

As for the steak itself, mine was somewhat medium cooked on one side, and the other was well done. The waitress came by and asked how the food was and I replied honestly: The steak taste like rubber and it wasn’t properly cooked. The waitress (Who didn’t look suprised at all) said that the reason for this is that they use a coal pan, and so the cooking may vary from time to time. This is normal. Well, if you knew how to properly use a coal pan, my steak wouldn’t be like this. Dumbass.
We ate our food and drank our drinks. My strawberry / mango daiquiry without mango didn’t manage to justify it’s price and we both left dissapointed and with a slighty feeling of being robbed of both money and mood. – We didn’t even get a good-bye.
I just think that it is really hard to find a good restaurant in Oslo these days. They all say that their focus is on customer service and quality food, and then proceeds to serve neither. Complaining is hardly worthwile also, since you usually end up with a free coffee at best.
The best customer service I’ve found in Oslo has actually been at Bislett Kebab. 😛
So, my recommendation for a steak in Oslo: Hereford Steakhouse at Jernbanetorget. They have all the necessary dishes, and it’s never crowdy, so you have the waiters full attention!

I felt like sharing this with you guys. I love food and when I have to pay such an amount for this kind of food I expect to get good food, and not ridiculously horrible food that I’m committed into finishing it because it’s expensive. I mean the shortest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach . . A Chinese way of saying haha. 

Have you ever had any bad experience with expensive restaurants?

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