hangover 2

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I spent the whole day with my boyfriend, and in the evening my boyfriend and I met some friends and went to the cinema to watch Hangover Part 2. The movie didn’t disappointed me at all. It was hilarious! The second part of Hangover has basically the same plot as the first one, but this time the scene is set in Bangkok. I feel sorry for Stu though haha… And when my boyfriend and I were in Paris, the French kind of dubbed this titel to “Very bad trip 2″…. They couldn’t have come up with a better name :p 

Before we met the others, we went by MAX and my boyfriend got a burger and I got an apple pie! Finally! The last time I was there they said that the apple pie was sold out. I got really depressed because my motive for eating there was of the apple pie. I tasted it today, and I must say that I did get really disappointed.. It didn’t taste as good as the one from McDonalds…. 

That’s my day! Hope you had a wonderful Thursday! Good night!


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