June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

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I have never been to Shanghai before. It’s wild that I am going to live in this big city for year! It’s amazing and I am so excited when I think about it. The reason I am moving there is that I am doing my last year in my Bachelor degree in International Marketing. The university that I am going to attend at is called Fudan. I am going to live with two other girls that I got to know during this semester, and we do get along pretty good! We haven’t looked at any appartments yet, but rumors say that it isn’t difficult getting an appartment at all. Many ask me what my boyfriend and I are going to do during the year when I’m studying abroad. The thing is that he is actually moving to the States and do air traffic controll. He’s leaving in September and is going to stay there for a year as well. So hopefully the time flies even faster when both of us are busy with our own studies. I am defintely going to continue blogging, and hope that my readers continue to follow me!Shanghai and next year is going to be awesome!

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