July 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

We spent the whole Friday at Liseberg screaming our heads off and getting wet as never before. I have actually never went to an amusement park with so many people before, so this time was definitely the best time ever spent! We were in total nine girls, (chaos!) so we were never bored, but the bad part is that most of the rides were divided into two and two, so there were always one girl who had to sit alone. But that went well. 
We woke up at about 9 o’clock, got some breakfast and took the Liseberg tramp to Liseberg! Look! All so happy!
Since the weather forecaste casted the weather was going to be bad that day there weren’t that many people who went to the park, so the queue to the different attractions went pretty quickly. We went on almost all rides, and I am actually quite provd of myself :p 
After a couple of rides we decided to give us a little rest, and went to see an 3D movie called Sammy’s adventure. Here we are, posing.
Then it started to rain, and I mean heavy rain, we needed to buy ourselves ponchos. Don’t we all looked fashionable?? I mean, attractions such as rollercoasters such as Balder seems more excited when it rains… Ever noticed that? My throat is still a bit sore from all the screaming, I hope I don’t get sick!

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