It’s like dreaming

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good evening, readers. Where should I begin? What should I write about today? I guess not any happy thoughts, right? This is unbelievable and insane, such a sick man who do harm to so many innocent people. Today when I woke up, my boyfriend gave me my laptop at once to check the lastest news. Up to 91 people that were found dead, from both the explosion and the tradgic gun shooting at Utøya. My heart goes out to everyone, and my deepest condolences to every one that is affected.
My day didn’t consist of much, just been home whole day, packing up some stuff, cleaning, and watching the news.  I wanted to go downtown, but was afraid, terrified. I wanted to meet up with all my friends, give them hugs, and say good-byes. I guess that have to wait. 
Dress from Lipsy
This is what I wore yesterday. We were supposed to celebrate my friend’s and boyfriend’s birthday, and I were supposed to say my good-byes, but since it wasn’t safe people decided to stay home. A man like him, a murderer, who destroyed so many innocent lifes, deserve more than 21 years in prison. 
” Vi er så få her i landet, hver fallen er bror og venn. ”

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