The Shanghai dream

July 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hello world!

Finally a chance to say hi and tell you that I have arrived safely to Shanghai with my girls. I have been for for two days, and I already think Shanghai is lovely! Execpt for the weather though, haven’t come to terms with that yet. I can’t believe that I’m already here, it’s still a bit unreal for me. To live in a place like Shanghai is kind of a dream. The city is huge, there’s people every where, the food here is great and cheap, the metro system is easy to figure out, taxi drivers here are insane, and so far the people are nice. 

I have been in Shanghai for two days, and during these two days we have been exploring the city and trying to find us an apartment near the university. We have gotten ourselves a chinese sim-card and a metro card so that we can travel easily around in Shanghai. We have been taking the metro and buses to reach our destinations when every one else is recommending us to take the taxi (although taxi here isn’t expensive at all, but we girls want to integrate into the chinese society so the public transportation is the best option.). And we have been adjusting to the weather here as well. It’s absolutely wonderful being here. I look forward to actually be a real Shanghai-ese. 

I won’t be able to blog as much as I did when at home, but I promise more when we have settled down at our new apartment! Wish me luck!

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