Back to business

August 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

Finally back to business again! Today I have moved in to my new apartment at Linping Road number 133 on the 37th floor! That means more blogging in the future! I have so much to share with you guys. My home, the area I live in, all the delicious food I have been tasting. Every thing have been quite wonderful since the day we landed, but I do miss my friends and family at home. I hope all of you are doing great!

Today after moving my heavy bag from the hotel to the apartment us girls went downstairs to get a haircut and some of us dyed our hair for only 700RMB! Cathrine even did eye-lash extensions for only 80RMB! Amazing! The people working their were quite professional, we even swear to go back there every month :p

Later in the evening I decided to go to the food-market to get some egg for breakfast tomorrow since we are meeting up at 8.30am at school to register for summer language course. There I saw queues and queues of Chinese people piled up with food supplies and every thing, and I thought to myself “Why on earth are these Chinese people out so late buying groceries? Crazy people.” Then I met a friend from class telling me that there is a typhoon coming it’s way in Shanghai and it’s the most powerful storm ever in history. I was like, whaaattt? Omg we need more food! So now we are supplied with rice and veggis, hopefully it’s enough for the weekend. 
Well, this will definitely be a good experience. Have I told you how bad ass luck I have had lately? You won’t even believe it. First my macbook died on me, then apparently my passport is falling apart and I need a new one, I tried to withdraw money from an ATM and they decided to take my card from me, I had to call Norway to cancel my card and I have to ordered a new one, now typhoon? I guess this will be a quite wonderful memory which I will remember the rest of my life!

My new hat, by the way. Loovveee<3

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