August 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday we girls went out to this fantastic place called M1NT which is located at The Bund area. I think all three of us just gaped with amazement when we arrived at the place.

We had to arrive at the place before 11pm, so we decided to take the taxi to M1NT. There we sat on the taxi, showed the taxi-man where we wanted to go, and sat there in excitement and talking about the shark tank that they have in the club. After a couple of minutes the taxi-driver stopped at a really werid place and told us that this was the place we wanted to go. All three of us looked confused and were really certain that this wasn’t correct. But we didn’t manage to communicate with this taxi-driver so we decided to get off the taxi and maybe try walking to M1NT.

We saw this really tall building beside the sidewalk, and we looked up at the same time wondering if this is it. Then we saw M1NT’s logo on the top of this building! We managed to find it! Well we agreed that we should have listened to the taxi-driver. Since I had sent them an email earlier that day about setting us up on the guest-list we just walked past the queue and took the elevator up to the 24th floor.

And oh my god M1NT was awesome! It has this great view over the Bund and of the Pudong, the drinks were dangerously delicious, they served food until 1am (they have their own restaurant), the place was HUGE, the music was great, the toilet was more awesome, and they had fish AND shark tanks!! I mean, who has that?? This is definitely a favorite place in Shanghai from now on!

Small sharks!!

The Peking Duck that I ordered with mashed potatoes was the best!!

These pictures are taken from Nikoline’s camera! Thank you!


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