August 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

As a cosmetic maniac and as experimental as I am, Shanghai is a perfect place for me to buy new make-up products and things since it’s so cheap here compared to Norwegian price. They have such a huge selections of every thing! And as you all know, Asians focus a lot on brightening their skin, since this is a sign of wealthiness. Me myself isn’t a big fan of brightening products (yet…) but I have realized that my I have already gotten some color! So maybe later I kind of need them… Anyways, since I have heard so much of ZA Cosmetics, not quite sure where they come from, i went to Watson to buy a ZA waterproof mascara and a hydrating mask, in Chinese! And guess what, I succeeded!

But the waterproof mascara wasn’t that waterproof, so I am a bit disappointed. I haven’t tried the mask yet. Back in Norway, when you buy hydrating mask, or mask in general, you get the mask in liquid form, in a tube, but here in Asia you get sheets of mask in a box… Not quite sure which type is more cheaper in usage. I’ll take some photos later, the uploading thingie is functioning really slow at the moment. I am definitively going to try a lot of different make-up brands while I’m here! I have even bought a whole box with ten different false eyelashes for only 80RMB! Bargain!

Yay one photo up and running… This waterproof mascara from Za cost 68RMB. So don’t worry, I’ll let you in on my secrets of make-up here in Shanghai as well! xx


§ 2 Responses to Make-up

  • -monica says:

    Spar litt penger da:p.. haha.. hva gjør Kina med deg?? du ser ut som om du har skikkelig BRA hud på de bildene under..
    SV: det er forskjell mellom lavkarbo og lavkalori diett.. lavkarbo diett er sånn som ikke må spise ris, poteter osv.. jeg skal prøve lavkalori, i kombi med lavkarbo da.. men jeg har allerede begynt da:p.. spiser veldig lite ris, poteter:p.. jeg kjøpte en sånn bok.. jeg så på kokebøkene idag.. det var litt dyrt:p..

  • eharboirik says:

    Si hva du vil om hudfarge, men jeg synes litt farge i ansiktet kler deg. Særlig med litt rødt hår. – ❤

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