September 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

After classes today we strolled down the streets near the school building. Fudan University is the biggest university I have seen in my life. It kind of takes hours and hours to walk through the whole campus! It’s pretty amazing, and Fudan university is ranked third best universities in China, so I guess I’m pretty proud of being a student there this year!

Well, as you can see, we have also became great fans of Coco-drinks like the rest of China! You pay like 8RMB and get this huge drink! Very delicious, and there are several different types of taste that you can choose from. Today’s outfit: Dress from HM, bag from Glitter.

Anyways, the streets nearby were filled with shops, restaurants and so much more. You can find stuff like books, school equipments, make-up and small girlie things and even cute animals that you can buy for 120RMB. We feel sorry for them, and wanted to buy them all! The worst part is that we can’t even bring them back home to Norway…This I think is against the animal law . . . Look how cute and innocent they look!



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