On-Page SEO

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Can some one please explain to me what the heaven is On-Page SEO? I’ve been receiving spam comments from random folk saying that I don’t have an On-Page SEO on my blog. It is suppose to contribute to better searching function when people google various keywords like Shanghai, school and sightseeing? Is someone else out there experiencing the same thing? I don’t actually see this is an issue, as long as the blog works for me, it’s perfect.

Anyways, on to something else. Today we have had Marketing management in China for 3 hours. It is a very interesting subject when it comes to issues in China, but otherwise we have already had the different theories before. I think we are going to have this subject till late October, then we have a week before the final exam. Also, my group is going to have a presentation on Shanzhai products in China! And today is Thursday, which means that some lounges have ladies night, meaning that ladies can drink for free for a limited of time! All the girls in our class are going tonight, (note: we are only 10 girls in our class) Nikoline and myself is considering going! Free drinks! Can’t say no to that! xx


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