trapped in time

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I would never imagine myself saying this; but it is actually cold here in Shanghai! I never thought this would ever happen. These few past days it has been between 20 to 24 degrees, for us Norwegians it means alright weather, because this resembles summer days in Oslo. But not here guys, it’s pretty cold! And windy! I have had to bring with me an extra outerwear and a scarf. .  I was complaining to my friends in Norway, saying that it’s cold here, and they claimed that I have nothing to complain about, since it’s raining back there and it’s like 11 degrees or something. All I have to say is, I feel ya.

Nonetheless, I have experienced a moment of time freeze. Or whatever. I was trapped in an elevator yesterday. Luckily I was with Nikoline, so I didn’t fully panicked over the situation. The elevator was on it’s way up to the 37th floor, suddenly decided to stop between the 36th floor and 37th, not responding at all, neither up nor down. My first time ever trapped in an elevator. The first thing that occurred to me is that I don’t want to die now! Think if the elevator drops vastly down to the first floor, both Nikoline and myself will crash to death (>.<) Eventually I called for help, not to mention that the elevator guy doesn’t know a word in English. There I stand, struggling to pull some Chinese words out of my mouth. Of course he kind of understood what was happening. He did managed to push some buttons, then the elevator moved back to the first floor, and we had to take the same one back up to the 37th floor. Ohhh then we finally made it! I’m saved! Ah! I hope this never happens again. . . Although it only lasted for only 5 minutes. That was enough.

Other than that I have been shopping, as you can tell, and been working on some school works as well. We have received the final updated schedule. It seems that we have a full schedule in October, then a bit relaxed in November, to only having Chinese classes in December. Then it’s Christmas holiday from the 17th. How I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends.


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