pineapple bread

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Helloo sweeties! I was suppose to post this yesterday, but erm, I was so tired and busy with homework after school that I went to bed around 10pm. We had such a long day yesterday. First off we started with Chinese Financial markets, then continued with Human Resource till like 4.30pm. The Chinese might think we are superhumans, but we are just a bunch of weaklings (haha naahh jk!) Well, yeah, who knows.

I’m actually still really tired today although I have slept like 7 hours, it’s just not enough these days! Plans for this afternoon is to read the case about Southwest Airlines, chapter two in HR and then work on the presentation with my girls. Urg how I look forward to the weekend!

Oh, btw, this is the pineapple bread I ate for lunch yesterday with some of my classmates. Lil’bro Lee introduced a Cantonese style cafe to us which is located near the school. Very delicious.


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