October 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

When we arrived at the status we had to wait for about an hour or so before the Nordic Society organization managed to tell us to select a foreign partner, then go pick a Chinese group. So there we stood, Nikoline and I chose a group, received the list of places we had to visit, then headed off for the destinations. I had so little interest into joining because of the heat and that I had slept really badly during the night. But I was pretty glad that I didn’t give up, although the whole orienteering took us like 7 hours!!

Our group consists of three other Chinese, and they were really competitive! We were lucky though, Ivan knew all the places we had to go to so we saved a lot of time. At the destination we had to take photos to prove that we have been there, in addition to the tasks we have to do while we are taking the photos. Like that one we had to spell out “BOLX” (I have seriously no idea what that means…) and the other imitating some famous statues in Shanghai.

The most impressing part was that we were the only group that finished all the tasks! Hah! I am very proud, but the Chinese girl in our team was upset that the award we were supposed to receive was not big enough! I’m still curious of what it is. After all that running we ended up at KFC. We exchanged numbers and agreed that all of us are going to a hot-pot restaurant called HaiDiLao in the nearest future! Great day! xx


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