Second day of our trip

October 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think we literally spent the whole day on the bus *sign* Our check-out time that day was 830am(!). The bed felt so nice that I didn’t felt like going away from it! We managed to have some extra time to eat breakfast, then it was bus trip all the way to a city named YiWu. It took us 3 hours to drive from Ningbo to YiWu, only to eat lunch and visit this huge market place over 60.000 shops that didn’t even let us buy one product but had to buy like over 100 quantity. Ridiculous! The funny part is that we only had like 1 hour to explore this marketplace. They had a lot of fine products, but sadly enough that we couldn’t just buy one item.

Anyways, here are some photos from our trip. Here trying to pose for a outfit photo, but then came those guys and kinda destroyed every thing haha.. Thank you Katrine for all the lovely photos!

Weapon store, and even my own Irene shop covered with pink supplements!

Strolling around the marketplace where we found some really cool masks and Halloween costumes and items hahah.

The worst part of this trip was basically the bus trip, otherwise the overall trip was great! Because we had to visit this marketplace in YiWu we had to drive another route which took us tons of extra hours. When we left for Shanghai at 4pm we didn’t arrived in Shanghai before 8pm! Yes, literally the whole day went to sitting and sleeping. Still, we have another planned trip next year in April or something so that’s going to be fun! Ever missed the adventurous feeling of going on a class-trip?



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