regular mornings in shanghai

November 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Whenever I start at 8 in the morning, there are always ladies around our complex doing the morning exercises which is very normal for Chinese citizens. They usually do the exercise in a huge group, with different dancing equipments and even music in the background. This you never see in Western countries! Good for the health, though. Nikoline and I always joke around that we have to live in Shanghai when we are oldies. Haha…

Standing on the metro, always crowded in the morning with no exception. The worst part is that people have no manners, they won’t like give way to you if you are going on or going out of the train. So the only solution here is to push and find the little spots where you can stand and kind of give shit to the other passengers. Life here in Shanghai during rush hour isn’t the most beautiful experience you can get… hehe..

I usually have no time to make breakfast for myself in the morning, or erm, correctly I don’t want to eat bread or cereal in the morning, so I rather choose to buy congee on the way to school for only RMB 5! The man always have a stand near the station, and he have started to recognize the Norwegian-Chinese girl trying hard to say congee in Mandarin.. The good part is that I have no more lecture this early before like March or something! Weee!

Today was dedicated to case write-up and reading. And omg cold Sunday, only 11 degree! No wonder it was so cold in my room ( I know I have been complaining a lot on the temperature down here in Shanghai, but I swear I’m going to buy myself a heater soon!!) Next week sounds fun: lecture on Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday and Thursday to revise for the final which is on Friday, then “julebord”, or Christmas dinner gathering with the class on top of the Pearl Tower! Fun! What have you been up to lately?


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