November 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I followed a friend of mine to the doctors on Tuesday, and since we have to register to make an appointment, and at that time I didn’t bring with me my passport, we tried to kind of squeeze my mosquito bite into the room so that the doctor could look at it. And that he did, because on one can actually ignore it. He gave me antibiotic that I have to take in 5 days, together with cream that I have to apply for 5 days. And the bite seems better now, finally, I have gotten my “regular” leg back! No fatty anymore!

And this is the salad I was talking about in one of the post earlier. This restaurant is located on the Superbrand Mall, called Element Fresh. The big bowl of salad with loads of avocado cost RMB 85, and I also ordered this vitamin boost smoothie which was alright, and you get the dressing on the side as well. Very delicious! Although I am not that big fan of salad either, but this is something I would recommend:)


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