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February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is what I had for breakfast yesterday with a couple of friends from my class. We ate dimsum at a Cantonese restaurant at SuperBrand Mall. Well nice! (All the photos I’m showing you is food heaven in just one day!) Ohh how I heart Shanghai. And since I have so much spare time I have to go out and eat more!

This is dessert at a place called Honeymoon Desert. The best thing about this restaurant is that it’s a Hong Kong chain, so they serve like the best mango desserts! Here we have a mango beansprout dessert, mango pancakes and a baked sago pudding of some kind. Namnam<3

This is Japanese style octopus fried balls or some kind. It wasn’t that good as I have imagined….And then, of course, dinner at a Canadian pub at East Nanjing Road. I was craving for some 1/4 quarter roasted chicken breast with mashed potato but they were sold out when we got there! Damn! So I chose this pasta dish which was also really nice! I kinda regretted that I ordered this mango yogurt with honey smoothie, it was only 1 degree in Shanghai yesterday and sooo freezing cold! Anyways, it was my kind of day<3


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