February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Good afternoon! As you can tell from the photo I’m being a lazy bum today. Was in bed until late, just lying there enjoying a good old Sunday morning with an Imsdal bottle (haha) But so random that our landlord came by today without any notice beforehand. She came with two other friends around 11am, and told us that she wanted to take a look around. I was still in my pjs and my hair was all around the place. Talking about my hair, I need a haircut! My ends aren’tso nice any more, even though I’m using this really nice treatment from Hongkong. Any one who knows a nice hair salon in Shanghai?

Yesterday we were invited to a house-warming party and was pretty relaxing, sat there on the sofa with a drink and kind of enjoyed the evening with other students from Fudan. And tonight we are invited to a friend’s apartment and he is serving this dish from this home-country. So enjoy your Sunday as much as I am! xx



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