busy week!

March 3, 2012 § 3 Comments

Busy weeks coming up, sweeties! A full school scheduled has already begun, and the week just has passed was filled with lectures and new projects. Haven’t had anything exciting to share with you guys. Just been two places during the last week, and it was at the university and home. Been taking more power naps as well after school too, not a really good habit though. A good news is that I’ve eaten a lot of sushi during lunch breaks! We’re hooked on one of the sushi restaurant nearby our school, and a maki set with 6 pieces only cost around 6RMB! Yummy!

Absolute favorites! Oh god, there is actually a story I want to share with you guys that have sacred me for life! On Wednesday during our lunch break, me and my girls went to this sushi restaurant to get some sushi. We got our orders and decided to go to the kiosk to get some thing to drink. A friend of mine stood outside the kiosk waiting for us, while playing on their mobile phone she noticed some thing weird going on a few centimeters away from her. When I walked out, I notice that she was really disturbed, I was like.. What’s going on? Is every thing alright? Then my friend goes like: Ehhh… I think that guy sitting on the scooter is jacking it off with his zipper open… I was like.. What the hell? Are you joking? I dared not to look, but my eyes just fell on it.. And there it was. The guy sitting on his pink bike jacking it off. OMG! Worse sight ever.. I mean, what’s wrong with this guy?! No kind of respect whatso ever! So now, every time I walk past the same scene this picture automatically comes up! Thanks, dude! I hope you guys have had a better day then me!! xxx


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