i need to know

May 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

Hello darlings! How are you doing today?

I have a minor problem regarding my cloths and how the hell I am going to get home with all my stuff! I have already sent home 2 packages and I’m going to send one more with just my winter cloths – they take so much space! I’m getting such a headache -.- I leaving home for Oslo on the 31st of May, in about 30 days! And I am so looking forward for it! My plane leaves 9 in the morning, which means I have to leave my apartment around 6ish am..

Oooh, there came my food at the door! I’ll catch you later! xx


§ 3 Responses to i need to know

  • GoldandLuxe says:

    Beautiful lashes! I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog! I was living in Shanghai for 5 months and I made some greattt friends who were attending Fudan! Ahh, I miss Shanghai sooo much!

    • imanirene says:

      Thank you! My lashes are from Shu Uemura. Shanghai is great! It’s kind of sad to think that I’m leaving this city in about a month!

      • GoldandLuxe says:

        I was a mess when I left back in January..I STILL miss Shanghai after being back home in the States for a few months already. Enjoy the time you have left! How is the weather there now? I left when it was freeeeezing.

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