May 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

LIPSTICK. I’ve never been quite a big fan of lipsticks, not even when I was working for MAC either. My lips always and only favor lip balms, and when I apply lipstick on it seems to resist it, making my lips really dry and the color just fades away. So I kind of gave up on lipstick. But when I was working for MAC, I found different ways to apply lipstick on in order for it to last longer. I tried a bit, failed a bit, and now I am really convinced! Lipsticks are just like a statement jewellery where it adds something more to your whole outfit. So this summer I’m ready to use more lipsticks to add more glow to all my outfits! I bought this lipstick when I was in Seoul. We shopped a lot around an area called Myeongdong (great shopping district!), and there’s literally a cosmetic store every where with really cheap products! So I bought this at a store named Ètude or something. This lipstick is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Nice texture with a strong colour, not too dry nor difficult to apply. Love it! Do you have any favorite lipsticks or some you even can’t live without?


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