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RIRI WOO – Welcome home. I’ve been searching through heaven and hell to get ahold of you. Since Rihanna’s collection for MAC Cosmetics only launched in the States and in Canada, I’ve had to order Riri Woo online and asked my dad, whom by the way lives in Canada, to forward this beauty to me. A month have I waited, finally! Now I’m all set for the weekend! xx

wednesday goodies

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Issue 1.3 shorts // Pull and Bear Denim shirt // Ebay necklace // 

HALF OF THE WEEK has already pasted by. Where does the time go? Been working since Saturday and I’m seriously starting to feel the exhaustion increasing.  So right now I’m just looking forward to my days off.  And guess what?!? I have this monthly mobile contract right – I’ve just realized that my cellular data has been used up! How sad is that – I have to wait till I get home before I can check all social medias happenings! Depressing -.- I’m considering increasing my usage…  Anyways, it’s getting late and I kinda have this huge plan of going to the gym tomorrow before work. So off I go! Night night xxx


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IMG_7421Ebay Tshirt

TIRED FACE coming by to say good night and sleep tight xx

sushi time

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_MG_3841HM blouse // Vintage Levis shorts // Balenciaga bag // Asos bracelets and rings

GOT SO RESTLESS yesterday just staying at home, that I got out to lick some sun in the afternoon.  Called my sister and we went and got ourself some yummy sushi.  Ordered this sushi combo dinner and got like 27 pieces for only kr 300. So if you’re looking for a good sushi place, I highly recommend this restaurant, Sumo on Nationaltheatre! After that we just walked in the streets of Oslo, just enjoying the nice weather. And since I’m feeling better today, I’m off to work in a couple of minutes. Have a nice Saturday, and enjoy the sun! I’ve heard that it’s going to rain the whole next week :/ xxx


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Romwe top // Miss Selfridge skater skirt // Nelly shoes

MY HAIRDO is unbearable, I need some sort of makeover. I’m really interested in trying something new, like ombre, but at the same time I don’t want to add more damage to my hair, as if it’s not damaged enough. But I love the length though – finally long locks! Anywho, it’s Friday, I was suppose to work at MAC. But my body doesn’t let me, so here I am, resting on my bed. What to do…? Anyways, hope you guys have a wonderful Friday! It’s weekend, yeah! xxx

long time no see

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WOKE UP this morning and decided to start blogging again. This motivation of mine just struck me. So hello there world, again.


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Foto: Scanpix

Idag har det gått ett år siden den tragiske hendelsen på Utøya. Tiden flyr så utrolig fort. Mine tanker går til de pårørende, alle ofrene og til vårt kjære Norge<3

Når en mann kan forsake så mye ondt –
tenk på hvor mye kjærlighet vi kan skape sammen ♥

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